Testimonials & Feedback



"Dr. Tonisha Pinckney was the keynote speaker for our annual 2016 Sexual Assault event in April, 2016, entitled “Surviving Survival: A Discussion of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault” at Massasoit Community College. Through the sharing of her life experiences with trauma and mental illness, Dr. Pinckney showed our campus community how to have strength and hope. Her honesty and openness was refreshing, and she continues to raise awareness to the problems of sexual assault and domestic violence unlike anything we have ever heard!

I would highly recommend Dr. Tonisha Pinckney be a part of a Domestic Violence, and/or Sexual Assault Program at your college/university, or in your community. She was inspirational and an encouragement to those who find themselves lost and without hope for tomorrow."

Yolanda Dennis
Executive Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Title IX Coordinator 

"I have come to know one of our best and brightest minds and future leaders in higher education. Dr. Tonisha (Toni) Pinckney is a person of great character, integrity and passion. She has devoted her career to being a teacher and advocate for others. Her book "I AM MORE" is a truly inspiring work of the human condition and taking control of ones future. When it comes to issues of racial, socioeconomic, and gender disparities there is nobody better than Toni to speak on this issues. Toni's work leaves no one behind - she sees the value in every person she meets and is there to help them better their lives. The sun is rising brightly on the career of Toni. She is a GIVER not a TAKER."

Dr. Raymond Guillette

Higher Education Evangelist - Scholarly Practitioner - Compassionate Capitalist -Associate Professor Quincy College

"The first presentation Tonisha gave was an analysis of the two programs under her purview at Newbury College. She gave this presentation at the Pre-Semester workshop (all the other Program Directors did likewise). Sitting next to me was the CFO and both of us were commenting about how well 'Toni' had done. From my years in Academic Quality Assurance and as the new VPAA of the college, I could tell that Toni understood academic rigor, knew what was required by the professionals wanting to work in the fields of Legal Studies and Criminal Justice. She excelled in developing contacts and inviting professionals for inclusion into the Industry Advisory Board she initiated.  

Toni's excitement for her discipline, her passion for getting students to excel, and her willingness to work tirelessly for the mission of the school make her a tough instructor, a wonderful leader, and a good colleague."

Douglas Flor, Ph.D.

Kirkpatrick certified program evaluator in academic and corporate settings. Expert in accreditation and data analytics.

"Words have power. Toni has proven to be a master of words which contain a well-spring of insight, wisdom and timeliness for her audience. It is immediately evident that when she releases words, people respond showing they are touched, encouraged and filled with more joy than they had prior to their encounter with her. That is certainly my experience with the power of Toni’s words. She speaks from the heart, with an apparent awareness that she is speaking to the hearts of others. With all of her commendable work in mind, she is worthy of the highest of endorsements."

Toi K. Tyson, M.A.

Associate Director for Alumni-Student Engagement

"Amazing speaker and mentor for all who need to know struggle is not the end."

Latoya J.

Entertainment Professional/ Motivational Speaker/ Actress

" She emulates excellence, commitment, dedication, integrity, and resilience. She is fully committed to using I AM MORE to touch and save lives, powerfully using her testimony to achieve that. She continuously demonstrates how invested she is in helping her audience to overcome their struggles with self-esteem, self-love, self-appreciation so they can declare, ‘I AM MORE’. She is a passionate speaker and author, a savvy business owner and social media enthusiast, and someone who cares about every person she works with."

Suzzette Turnbull

Increasing Online Visibility for Small Businesses & Public Figures

"Tonisha is a trusted colleague and friend who I have had the pleasure to sit alongside at events and on various projects. She is a phenomenal speaker and workshop facilitator. She delivers her words with tremendous authenticity and passion. I would work with Tonisha again in a heartbeat because I know that anything she is involved with is committed to excellence and will empower all those connected to it."

April Stallworth

Executive Administrative Professional - Presenter

"I had the pleasure of meeting Toni when she was a presenter at a Project Single Moms retreat in November 2009. When she began her presentation she immediately owned the group and I hung on every word. She is an inspiration to so many through her empowering and encouraging words. She would be a golden nugget to any and every environment that she is in."

 Alicia D. White Long, MBA

"I have [come] to know Toni on a professional level having began the journey of combining our Accounting expertise and knowledge to encourage and inspire businesses big and small with workshops, seminars and other services aimed to educate and inspire companies take control of the financial management of their businesses...I have come to look at Toni as an expert and thought leader in the field of Accounting, fraud prevention and criminology. Not only that, after hearing her story behind the creation of I AM MORE, I also recognize Toni as a much needed source of inspiration and motivation to encourage both men and women to think more of yourself than your circumstances."

Katrina M Harrell

Financial Management & Business Development Strategist | Social Entrepreneur expert

"Tonisha really takes the time to get to know each and everyone one of her students. She is more willing than any professor I've had to accommodate and help the students. She would commute to campus on Saturdays for her students and help them prepare whatever they needed to understand the topic. Taking her courses not only gave me knowledge about the topics in the course but also life. Having her as a professor was one of the best things as a senior in college. Her seminar course taught me how to secure a job in the correct way and within a month of graduation I got a job in the field I love."

Kaitlyn Berkowitz

Legal Assistant

"I have known Dr. Pinckney for a few years now. She is brilliant, inspirational and passionate in her field. She was the first professor of mine to introduce me to the field of Criminal Justice. Her experience, teaching ability and overall influence has allowed me to develop a strong passion in this field. Most specifically, her influence helped to foster and grow my passion on issues such as sexual assault and domestic violence. It is because of her that I received many opportunities to work with the Title IX Programming Committee which worked to develop various programs on campus to combat Title IX related issues such as sexual assault and relationship violence. As a student, I found her insightful wisdom and motivating attitude to be extremely valuable."

 Carter Simard

Pre-Law and Psychology/Criminal Justice Student at Northeastern University

"I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Pinckney, as a professor at Newbury College as an undergraduate student, as well as a graduate student at Anna Maria College. Dr. Pinckney, is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. I feel like she takes the time to know her students and pushes them to be the best they can be. I feel like she has been very helpful to me throughout my educational career. I feel like she has forced me to grow personally and professionally. I am very fortunate to have had Dr. Pinckney as a wonderful professor and mentor."

Janisa Bynum

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program