Revelatus Consulting


Revelatus is a Latin word meaning "to reveal" or "revelation" 

Revelatus Specialized Accounting & Consulting (RSA Consulting) is a firm focused primarily on: (1) Forensic Accounting (2) Fraud detection, prevention, deterrence, and awareness (3) Education for Individuals and Business Entities (4) Consulting and Expert Witness Services. While the items listed are our focus, our services are broader.


Tonisha is a trained fraud examiner and forensic financial analyst specializing in forensic accounting and investigative methodologies. As a trained expert witness she not only interprets data, but she can defend her findings under oath. As a criminologist, she studies and researches criminal behavior and victimology. This gives Tonisha a unique insight when interviewing. Her work history ranges from her start as a file clerk in the accounting office of a major company to implementing a forensic accounting segment at a well know national accounting firm. Present and past clientele include high net-worth individuals and business, high profile sports athletes and entertainers, small businesses with barely enough funding to start-up, and those with few assets looking to form a financial foundation for the future. Now, as the founder of Revelatus, Tonisha brings all of that experience, education, training, and insight to the clients. 

Consulting Services and Fees

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