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Get Over It? I'm Still Going Through it!: 15 Tools to Use When Going Through Tough Times

 How many times have people told you to “just get over it” or “it’s time to move on?”  

While brief, this book provides fifteen tools to help the reader during those “inbetween” times. Consistent with the previous "I AM MORE!"® books, Dr. Toni provides useful tools to support your success. She gives you permission to hurt, permission to take time to heal, and permission to take off your mask.  
After listening to mentees and clients discuss their powerlessness, fear, and struggles with success, Dr. Toni provides a few tools to help you move through your process. The chapters in this book were chosen to equip any man or woman who wants to move beyond pain, grief, failure, shame, flaws, or disappointment. It’s time to define your new normal. The old one might not fit the new you. 

I AM MORE! Surviving Survival: Signature Edition

Authored by Dr. Tonisha M. Pinckney, Contributions by L. DaVante' Pinckney

List Price: $15.00
178 pages
I AM MORE Institute
ISBN-13: 978-0692684894
ISBN-10: 0692684891

"I realized if I could live through all that, then I most certainly could live on! I survived my own survival! That was my first step toward saying 'I AM MORE!'"  
The second installment in the I AM MORE! series, this book tells a story of turbulence and triumph. In the moments after a traumatic event, one is often left feeling as if living on, living past it, is impossible - as if survival is impossible.  
Surviving Survival allows the reader a glimpse into the life of a woman who reached that very moment several times over. One day she had an awakening - she already survived! She already lived the worst of it. Now, she had to survive survival. She had to learn how to live past the pain.  
This book deals intimately with the emotions attached to sexual assault, domestic violence, parenting a child with a diagnosed mental illness, single parenting, race, suicide, and of course survival. Her awakening combined with insight from other experts will inspire you on your own journey of surviving survival.  
This is a story that explores life beyond physical survival but to a place of mental and emotional survival. Dr. Tonisha M. Pinckney is transparent, real, raw in how she confronts and presents her emotions.

I AM MORE - The Journey: Signature Edition

Authored by Dr. Tonisha M. Pinckney

List Price: $11.99
188 pages
I AM MORE Institute
ISBN-13: 978-0692674321
ISBN-10: 0692674322

“You are no longer a product of your past; you are a facilitator of your future.” This book is a journey of healing and self-awareness. It gives the reader an opportunity to look at life differently, putting the past into proper prospective. The reader will grow from saying proudly “I am me” to proclaiming “I AM MORE. ” The reader has the opportunity to assess and reassess their lives in a way which separates the pains of the past from the events of the past. The reader will be able to look at themselves and find their hidden goals, gifts, dreams, and unacknowledged accomplishments. There is nothing stopping you from becoming “more” except the thought that you are “less.” You are “more.” So, allow the words to echo in your mind heart and spirit – “I AM MORE!”

Oddiscy's Expressions of Sensual Truths

Authored by Oddiscy Quest Carter

List Price: $9.99
162 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0615715766 (Custom)
ISBN-10: 0615715761
BISAC: Fiction / Romance
An invigorating cluster of poetic short-stories, Oddiscy reflects on sensual thoughts and experiences. She conveys conflicting emotions as she embarks on a somewhat erotic quest from 20-something to 30-something. As she lays in her bed thinking of her hopes, dreams, desires, and fears, her imagination explores every aspect of her life.  

All she desires, she sees in her distant Midnight Moon. From the boardroom to the bedroom, she fantasizes. At times speaking in the third-person, she pins what she remembers. Oddiscy could not resist sprinkling in some relationship advice along the way.Always controlling, always sensual!  

Enjoy this journey of love and lust, pleasure and pain, sassiness and sexiness. Oddiscy Quest Carter never reveals whether the experiences are real or purely the work of an overactive sexually charged imagination. As you are ushered into the most intimate regions of Oddiscy's world, you must decide whether your life is limited by touch or invigorated by the energy in a caress. These are Oddiscy's Expressions of Sensual Truths. From unrequited love to unforgettable lovers, Oddiscy reveals the power of the kiss, the hope in a hug, and importance of overwhelming joys of pleasing and being pleasured.


I AM MORE - The Journey

I AM MORE! Surviving Survival